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Where should you live?

Some things I learned at Summer Commune

Summer Commune is a mobile intentional community which brought 20 “new adults” from cities (including San Francisco, LA, London, and Vancouver) to Moscow, Idaho (pop. 24,000) this year. Communers hang out, work virtually, go on field trips,  and produce community events. A. Nicole Kelly is one of this year’s organizers who wanted to share a bit about this last summer. We previously covered Summer Commune earlier this year, in an interview with fellow organizer Joshua Heller.

I had hoped Summer Commune would help me feel creative—energized and inspired by like-minded people. I thought Summer Commune was my DIY writer’s residency. But while I do feel creative, inspired, and energized, and while this summer has been productive for my work, it’s turned out less like an artists’ commune and more like existential summer camp.

Most everyone drawn here seems to be at a crossroads. Summer Commune is this liminal space in which we’re figuring things out, asking what we want, defining what we don’t, and then trying to imagine what that looks like. We’re trying to change the ways we think about living.